Ann Mullen

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Athena. A real lady!










Spice Cat. He's just too cool! 

        Spice Cat



Thor, a dog destined to be a star!










Meet the Main Characters

Jesse Watson

   Jesse's a single, out-spoken go-getter. As a teenager she was a constant source of concern to her parents, but incredibly attractive to strapping young men. She was self-assured and foolishly confident. She smoked, drank and ran with the wild bunch.
   Her life as a young adult altered considerably when she left home and moved into a small apartment. She worked mediocre jobs, dated forgettable men, and suffered from self-doubt and insecurity. She lost faith in relationships and ultimately in herself.
   Desperately needing to reevaluate her life, she packed up and left the big-city-suburbs for quiet seclusion in the beautiful mountains of Virginia—with her folks. It was a decision that would change her completely.
   When she takes a job as a secretary to private investigator, Billy Blackhawk, she's tested to her limits, physically, spiritually and emotionally. On a rollercoaster ride of discovery, however naive and hopelessly suburban, Jesse finds her true calling. The snooping business turns out to be her forte.

Billy Blackhawk

   Billy is the oldest son of Chief Standing Deer (Sam) and Sarah Blackhawk. His tall, muscular frame, his long, black hair and tanned, olive skin, his compassionate heart, fierce independence and devotion to his family exemplify the American Indian. Living nearby are his spiritual, intensely loyal, parents, brothers and sisters.
   But Billy is divorced and alone, running his detective agency like he runs his life—unconstrained by convention.
   Enter Jesse Watson, a sensitive, yet determined woman who is looking for a real life. Together, the two of them encounter a series of murders that rock their world and lead to entanglements that test both their strength and will.

Cole James

   Cole is a tantalizingly handsome Greene County deputy with captivating blue eyes—and he's crazy for Jesse. It doesn't take him long to realize he has his hands full.
   Although Cole and Billy Blackhawk have been best friends since childhood, they've brawled over a woman before. Now, they're caught up in a series of murders and tangled relationships that tax not only their manly strength, their raw courage and their investigative wit, but also their ability to withstand the greatest challenge of all—who is going to win Jesse's heart?

Minnie Watson

   Jesse's mother is her emotional support and is always there for her. However, Minnie goes through a few changes of her own, too, when she moves to the mountains. Is there something in the air?

   Just a few of the other main characters you will encounter: Claire Benson (Jesse's sister), Jack Watson (Jesse's brother), Sheriff Wake Hudson (Greene County), Captain Waverly (Charlottesville Police Dept.), The Blackhawks: Chief Sam and Sarah Blackhawk, Jonathan, Daniel, Robert, Jenny, Beth, and their significant others (including their children).

And, of course, the family pets—Athena, Thor, and Spice Cat.

  *Main  characters subject to change without warning.