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Uniquely talented author Ann Mullen, whose work gently beckons, and then sucks you in, has created a window into the life of a delightful, modern day woman turned sleuth. Set in the mountains of Virginia, WHAT YOU SEE, provides a suspenseful tale of murder and deceit that will hold you captive until the very end. It is the first book in a fascinating new series and promises to be a nail-biter you can’t put down.

"I have always wondered what incites a person to commit such acts of violence against another. The lengths to which they will go to conceal their crime are astonishing. WHAT YOU SEE gave me the opportunity to delve into the dark world of a killer and the devastation caused by such a vile crime, and still come out with my hands clean, and my mind intact. It's so interesting to be able to sit down, create characters and then try to bring them to life. I love making up stories that people can relate to. I get so tired of the same silliness and ho-hum sagas, or the brutal, blood-guts-and-gore stories that causes nightmares. When people read my books, I want them to walk away with a good feeling and  be able to sleep at night."—Ann Mullen

"One day I was out in the sun reading and I got so involved in the page turning, hours later I came inside burned up from the sun. It was a good afternoon. :-) Thanks again!—Tracey



















What folks are saying about:

Lunch Break Shorts

*5 stars Job Well Done.....Again! March 3, 2013  By Laughing Raccoon

I really enjoyed the short stories, and I am hoping Ann will write more about the characters in Encounter. I absolutely love Grace! I want to be just like her if I make it to her age, lol. I am also interested in learning more about the mysterious Joe Stevens, who "fixed" everything. I'm sure there are a wealth of stories using Lila, a newspaper reporter, as the chief protagonist. Not all mysteries have to have a PI or police officer. As always, a job well done. I really love Ann's books and stories...

*5 stars LUNCH BREAK SHORTS February 27, 2013 By Della

I downloaded and read and I must say as always great job. I have read I do be leave everything that Ann Mullen has wrote. And I have never been disappointed. so with that said keep up the great work Ann  

*5 stars Great Shorts for a lunch break..... February 26, 2013 By Elizabeth N. Lee

....and a dinner break and a breakfast break. I couldn't put it down. Typical Ann Mullen - full of adventure and surprises; never a dull moment. Each of her lead characters got themselves into some of the most unusual, and sometimes ironic, situations. Ann packed so much into these little stories, it was hard to believe they were just short stories. The moral to each of the stories just added to the tale. I only wish there had been more. Hope to see many more in the future!

*4 Stars Lunch Break March 19, 2013 By D___

I like Ann Mullen and her books, I have them all they are full of suspense and because I am from the area where she talks about in her books it makes things more exciting.



What You See

"Mullen’s descriptive style of writing allows her to develop characters that readers will identify with, and the verbal pictures she puts onto paper are not soon forgotten."—Brandy Garrow, Archeologist

“…captivating mystery… WHAT YOU SEE clearly establishes author Ann Mullen as an original and gifted writer, as well as leaving the reader looking eagerly toward the next Jesse Watson mystery!”Midwest Book Review

Visit for a complete review of WHAT YOU SEE featured in the September issue listed under the Mystery Shelf. 

“…I was turning pages at warp speed!”—Elyse Thibodeaux, The Examiner, Beaumont, Texas


*5 Stars Great Read, October 15, 2012 by CAPTAIN CABLE

Though this is not my type of book, my wife talked me into reading it and I found that this is hard to put down. Being that I have traveled all over the state, I find it interesting to get caught up with locations knowing where they are. Great author will definitely read the other books and when I get caught up and sure I will be wanting the next to come out...

*5 stars Love this book! April 9, 2012 by Laughing Raccoon

I LOVED THIS BOOK! I'll admit that I took a chance on it, because it was free. What a great mystery with great characters. I was up until 2am finishing it. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep without finishing it. I will definitely get the rest of the series as the characters are folks that I want to read more about and get to know better. I want to thank whoever was responsible for offering this book free, which introduced me to a great writer and a great series. :-)

*5 stars January 24, 2012 by Tommy

Janet Evanovich sans profanity. No cursing. A great story with an ending unlike any other. Looking forward to the next one in the series, South River Incident. Five stars for this one.

*5 Stars Warm, exciting and wonderful! Brenda Reid April 13, 2013.

I gave this book a 5 star rating because this is the type of reading I like. It has mystery while showing family/friendship warmth. Mrs. Mullen's creativity in her characters makes them come to life. She brings out personality, loyalty and love in her pets. I gave a 5 star rating to the first 4 books to this series. Her stories are hard to put down. Oh, there's more than one mystery at a time going on in her books. She'll make you laugh when you least expect it. Her books are a fun and easy to read. When I finish one book, I immediately order the next one from Amazon's Kindle books. Looking forward to book 5 of this series.

South River Incident

Talented author Ann Mullen has once again proven her ability to keep us captivated by spinning a tale of murder and romance into a delightful mystery. In Mullen’s second book, SOUTH RIVER INCIDENT, the sequel to WHAT YOU SEE, Jesse Watson finds herself in the hot seat… again. Guaranteed to keep you guessing until the very end, this book is a fascinating whodunit. Mullen’s unique style of writing, along with her collection of colorful characters, intrigues the reader and makes them yearn for more.

“… a pulse-pounding adventure of quick wits and ruthless determination!”—Midwest Book Review

Visit for a complete review of SOUTH RIVER INCIDENT featured in the Small Press Bookwatch online magazine in the February issue listed under the Mystery Shelf.


*5 Stars  another great read, November 10, 2012



Book two keeps you going like the first. Only problem is when reading during lunch not wanting to stop when lunch is over. Can wait to get reading the next. Keep the books coming out and I will keep reading.


*5 Stars  VERY ENTERTAINING!, March 25, 2013

By Brenda Reid


I do enjoy reading books containing mystery, romance, humor and family. I can tell in the first couple of chapters of a book if I'm going to stay with it. If it's hard for me to put down, I love it! I found this to be true in Ann Mullen's first and second books of her Jesse Watson series, What You See and South River Incident. I'm looking forward reading the rest of series. The first two e-books I bought off Amazon. Oh, on a personal note, I was raised in Newport News, VA and attended Newport News High School. One of my classmates told be about this author. She is a wonderful author!


*5 Stars  Hooked, September 26, 2012

By Laughing Raccoon


I loved Book 1 in this series, What You See, so I decided to read Book 2. I am so glad! I love these characters and love the way the author weaves a well-told mystery with a dash of humor. I do like a little hint of humor with my mysteries and so far this series has been just right. Since I have a dog that I take for long walks in the woods nearly every day, I could really sympathize with Jesse, and how she must have felt when her dogs brought in a severed hand. Yikes! Highly entertaining. I can't wait to see what Jesse and Billy get into next.


A Crying Shame

A “page-turning” mystery, Ann Mullen’s 3rd book in the series, A CRYING SHAME, "is an enthralling read from beginning to end. Readers will follow Jesse through an increasingly devious and mysterious plot as she discovers a seemingly random murder in the house of a missing man. A CRYING SHAME is very highly recommended for its intriguing plot, engaging characters, and the many twists and turns which it brings the reader through to a very clever conclusion."—Midwest Book Review

Visit for a complete review of A CRYING SHAME featured in the Small Press Bookwatch online magazine listed under the Mystery Shelf.


*5 stars a little bit of everything... January 22, 2012 by Laura B "Laura B" (VA)

I have this entire series in hardcover (except for the last one, yet!) This is a series that I read again every time a new one comes out. I have gladly paid $20+ for each one, and would gladly pay much more than the Kindle price just to have them so handy!! They are a combination mystery/comedy/action :) a little of everything

They take place mostly in the countryside around Charlottesville, Va. Shenandoah river, Gordonsville, Stanardsville... Since I vacation there fairly regularly I am a little familiar with the towns and places named in the books. That makes them even more interesting.

I recommend these to just about anyone. They are very definitely "family" rated:) Anyone who is a Stephanie Plum fan (or who was, but is getting tired of the same gags in every book!) will probably love these. That was my thought when I first read "A Crying Shame", the first in the series. Since then I have decided that Jesse is much more real, and has grown with each book. Still funny, still getting into all kinds of scrapes - but they are all still believable. Each book is like catching up with old friends, and I am always sorry when I reach the end of the story. Every book in the series seems to introduce us to someone new, and this one is no exception. There is a fairly large cast of continuing characters throughout the series, and somehow Ann Mullen makes them all very real. Each book in the series could be read as a standalone - but I cant imagine just wanting to read one.

Middle River Murders

The 4th in the series, follows the happenings of the Stanardsville Social Club as women are killed off and everyone blames the one person who swears she is innocent, but has everything to gain.

"Few authors can make me laugh while I'm shaking in my boots. Ann Mullen accomplishes this by weaving suspense, humor, and refreshing realism together on every page. Her characters have become so real to me that I can't help looking for them sometimes as I cruise through Central Virginia on Rt. 29."—Cora Chlebnikow, Reading Specialist

"... a feel good book with all the twists and turns readers have come to expect from Ann Mullen. Middle River Murders is a spellbinding mystery that takes Jesse on her most heart-stopping, intriguing journey yet. You won't be able to put it down until every page is turned!" —Diane Reid, Editor, BR Marine, Inc.

"Jesse's life is a roller coaster ride that takes the reader right along with her. You don't want to miss the suspense and intrigue!"—Anna Alexander, Poet

"spine-tingling mystery... a keep-`em guessing whodunnit that draws the reader in and refuses to let go until the last page."—Midwest book Review

Visit for a complete review featured in the Small Press Bookwatch online magazine listed under the Mystery Shelf.



*5 Stars Another Great Read September 28, 2012

By Laughing Raccoon


This series just keeps getting better and better. This one really had me guessing until the end. Kudos Ann Mullen on another well-written mystery. And as they used to say on Ghost Hunters........."On to the next."


*5 Stars Middle River Murders March 20, 2012

By Tommy


Uniquely written, captivating storyline, and believable plot. I have come to expect nothing less from Ann Mullen. Completely enjoyable from beginning to end.


*4 Stars Mid River November 20, 2012

By Toolmama


Very entertaining, always waiting for the next book! I like the plot flow and the characters. And i love their dogs That is part of the charm of the books.


Greene County Killer

The 5th book in the series involves cheating, lying, and a terrible mistake that set off a chain of events leading to arson and murder as a cold-blooded killer lurks in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to kill again.

"I couldn't put the book down! I felt as if I was right there with Jesse. I cried at the end."—Robin Reynolds, Auto Industry

"Kudos to Ann Mullen for such an intriguing book! The insightful way she reaches out to a reader is amazing!"—Carolyn Banks, Homemaker


*5 stars Another great read January 29, 2012 by Amy S. Reed

Jesse just keeps growing on you. I love the descriptions and action in this thriller! Some things you see coming but not everything and that keeps you hooked! Looking forward to seeing more of Jesse and Billy and the crew!!


*5 Stars  Jesse Watson Mystery series March 12, 2012

By Tommy


A suspenseful and emotional rollercoaster ride! I admire the way Ann Mullen can reach out and pull the reader into her world of words. Greene County Killer is an excellent murder mystery book.


*5 Stars  Wow October 1, 2012

By Laughing Raccoon


I think I experienced every emotion under the sun on this one. Talk about action. Kudos to Ann Mullen on another excellent Jesse Watson mystery. I only wish Jesse and Billy were real folks, as they are definitely people I would love to get to know. This was definitely a rollercoaster read. Looking forward to the next book in the series.


Death on the Bella Constance

Book 6 in the series takes the reader on a cruise where bodies pile up and danger hides around every corner.

"Never has there been a more exciting and suspenseful cruise than the one on the Bella Constance created by Ann Mullen! Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy the trip!"—Cora Chlebnikow, Reading Specialist.

"The delightful characters of Billy and Jesse make you wish you could be a part of their lives and share their adventures!"—Billie Kerfoot, English Teacher

"I was spellbound by the intrigue woven into each chapter of this thrilling book!"—Norman Slezak, Ret. Navy

"Loved it! Best one yet!"—Ethyle Giuseppe, Ret. Acct., University of Virginia



*5 Stars  Book My Reservation, October 2, 2012

By Laughing Raccoon


Another great mystery starring Jesse and Billy. It was so well-written my only regret was the Bella Constance is fictional. If that cruise ship were real, I would be saving up my nickles and dimes to book a trip. What a wild romp with twists and turns and non-stop action. Trouble in paradise, indeed. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series.


*5 stars  Death on the Bella Constance, April 5, 2012

By Tommy


"Where do I sign up for a cruise on the Bella Constance? Love the characters that Ann Mullen brings to life, and can't wait to see if they'll show up again in her next book."


All About the Money

Book 7 in the series proves that people will do almost anything when it comes to money. Kill, lie, cheat, steal... you name it.

"Mullen masters the art of surprise!”—Alex Carrier, Reporter/Journalist 

“Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. Ann Mullen grabbed my attention and never let go until the very end. Then I wanted more!”—Betty Robertson

“Exciting and difficult to put aside!”—Ethyle Cole Guiseppe, University of Virginia

“Filled with twists and turns coming to a surprise conclusion!”—Norman Slezak, Ret. Navy



5 Stars  What a wild ride October 3, 2012

By Laughing Raccoon


This is one book that kept me guessing until the end. There was suspense galore. The only thing wrong with this book is it is the last book in the series until Ann Mullens gets the next one written. I see a bad case of withdrawl coming on, lol. Kudos to Ann on another great mystery. Oh, and Ann, write fast, because I want to see what happens next. :-)


5 Stars  All About the Money April 7, 2012

By Tommy


Stunning, shocking, and over the top suspenseful! Truly unpredictable. Ann Mullen's talent for drawing you into the world of Jesse Watson and Billy Blackhawk is amazing. You feel as if you're right there with them--through all their adventures.


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