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What You See

What You See

Book #1—Young Helen Carrolton leaves home alone to visit a friend in the majestic mountains of Charlottesville, Virginia. She never makes it there. That's where it all begins for Jesse Watson. At thirty-one, suffering from suburban burnout, an unfulfilling job and a nonexistent love-life, she heads for those same peaceful, quiet mountains to find a new life. Her intentions are to settle down and simplify.

All that changes the day she goes to work for private investigator, Billy Blackhawk, a Cherokee Indian who's hired to find Helen Carrolton. Jesse's dreams of a quiet country life surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery is quickly shattered as she becomes embroiled in danger, murder and mayhem facing the wrath of a disturbed family.

Soon it becomes a race for time, a race for her life and an astonishing destiny Jesse could never have anticipated, even in her wildest dreams!

ISBN 13: 978-0-9725327-0-9 $24.95

South River Incident

South River Incident

Book #2—Jesse's destiny leads to increasing turmoil when her beloved pets drag up a severed hand and deposit it on the front porch of her mother's house. A search turns up the battered body of a woman—and she's wearing Jesse's watch.

With the Greene County Sheriff suspicious of Jesse, she and Billy Blackhawk set out to prove her innocence and find the real killer. They uncover a trail of police corruption and criminal greed carrying dire consequences. Jesse has no choice but to kill or be killed.

Jesse confronts her worst nightmares and greatest pleasures in a strange date with fate, provoked by a killer demanding revenge.

ISBN 13: 978-0-9725327-1-6 $24.95


A Crying Shame

A Crying Shame

Book #3—Greene County sleuth, Jesse Watson, returns from a trip only to discover that her sister's children have been kidnapped!

Jesse enlists the help of her P.I. boss, Billy Blackhawk, and his three brothers. A rescue mission is carried out, but not without messy complications. Blows are exchanged. Blood is spilled. At the end of a trail of blood, the kidnapper turns up missing.

Is he dead? Once again Jesse's embroiled in a heated manhunt involving layers of conflicting evidence, possible murder and one irate Greene County Sheriff.

ISBN: 0-9725327-6-5 $24.95


Middle River Murders

Middle River Murders

Book #4—Who's killing off members of an elite, yet dysfunctional social club in Stanardsville? That's what Jesse has to find out before another member meets an untimely death.

What started out as a prank lands Daisy Clark in hot water when she becomes the suspect in the death of a club member. Eyebrows are raised when others begin dying off, and the finger points to her. Is she the real culprit?

Bodies start piling up and their own lives are put in jeopardy as Billy, Jesse and Minnie are caught in a race against time. Their search for a relentless serial killer can lead to only one conclusion—someone is going to die!

ISBN 13: 978-0-9725327-8-5 $24.95


Greene County Killer

Greene County Killer

Book #5—Cheating, lying, and a terrible mistake, set off a chain of events leading to arson and murder as a cold-blooded killer lurks in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to kill again.

Arson guts the home of a family member, and a search for the culprit leads to a late night encounter in a hospital parking garage, drawing Jesse deeper into a mystery as filled with surprises and hairpin turns as a Blue Ridge Mountain road.

Nothing can prepare her for the outcome as she journeys into the realm of a killer’s world—a killer who is on the loose and living in Greene County.

ISBN 13: 978-0-9725327-7-8 $24.95


Death on the Bella Constance

Death on the Bella Constance

Book #6—Danger lurks on the cruise ship Bella Constance as a killer waits for an opportunity to make this voyage the last for its owner—Loukas Constance.

Determined to take a break from their hectic and dangerous jobs, Jesse and her P.I. partner Billy Blackhawk book a weeklong cruise to Bermuda. But once onboard the ship, their well-deserved vacation turns into another dangerous and deadly case when they are hired to find a killer.

A threat to kill Loukas had been made, and the race is on to stop the perpetrator before the mission is accomplished—sending Jesse and Billy into the depths of a nightmare that doesn't end until someone dies on this tale of terror on the high seas.

ISBN 13: 978-0-9725327-9-2 $24.95

All About the Money

All About the Money

Book #7—Jesse is asked to investigate when Flo Garner, a local Greene County bookkeeper, discovers a hotel receipt implicating her client in the murder of his wealthy business partner. Until now, Donald Rhodes has eluded prosecution in the death of Hank Sharp, but that all changes when Jesse Watson and her P.I. partner Billy Blackhawk take on the case, and go in pursuit of the truth.  

Meanwhile, Savannah Kelley, a close friend and well-known author, has a dead body in her garage. In a panic, she calls Jesse for help with her problem… instead of calling the police. But there’s no way around it—the police have to be told. All Savannah can do is stand by and watch her career circle the drain as the evidence mounts and her lies come back to haunt her. She killed someone, but was it self-defense or murder? That’s what Jesse intends to find out.  

Lives are turned upside down, and tensions build to an explosive state as the final battle is played out like a scene in an old movie. Nobody walks away unscathed. Death is the winner—and no one is safe in this tale of lies, greed, and betrayal.

ISBN 13: 978-0-9828776-0-9 $24.95

The Prey Bites Back

The Prey Bites Back

Book #8Jesse and Billy’s investigative abilities are once again put to the test when they take on a murder-for-hire case involving a woman without a past—Dakota Stone, owner and operator of The Body Shop.

With expectations of being pampered, women who join this elite establishment get more than they bargain for—an opportunity to have their husbands killed with a guarantee that no one will ever find out. A high-end spa, The Body Shop, isn’t what it appears to be.

As Jesse and Billy dig deeper, they discover evidence that could destroy Dakota Stone, permanently shut down her business, and send her to prison for life. She killed men for money, and they were going to prove it. But time isn’t on their side when an explosion at The Body Shop puts a snag in their investigation. A body was found in the rubble and video surveillance places them at the scene, implicating them in a murder.

Will this case prove to be their last, or will they bring down a ruthless criminal in time to save their family and themselves from a dangerous woman filled with vengeance and murder in mind?

No one will walk away unhurt.

ISBN 13: 978-0-9909860-0-3 $24.95


Lunch Break Shorts

Lunch Break Shorts




A collection of six short stories, including one alternate ending, for your lunch break reading pleasure. Approximately 27,000 words.  A quick read. Available as ebook only.


*Encounter—A late night call sends Lila on a dangerous journey. *No More—An abusive husband and a road trip turns deadly for Denise. *A Gray Area—Lonnie faces the aftermath of his wife’s murder. Will he get revenge? *A Gray Area 2 (alternate ending) *Instincts—Sarah’s blind date goes horribly wrong. *Bittersweet—Evidence of a cheating husband causes a wife to panic. *The Irony of It All—Lois plans the murder of her husband.





Special! The complete 8 book hardcover set!  $79.99


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